Pocket Hose Silver Bullet

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet



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Pocket Hose Silver Bullet

Lightweight & lead-free. Watering your lawn is such a hassle. That heavy rubber garden hose is tough to move around your yard. Why are you still wrangling those outdated hoses? From the makers of Pocket Hose Brass Bullet hose comes the newest lightweight expanding hose, the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet. Like its flexible hose predecessor, Silver Bullet has a bullet case exterior that’s seamless so it won’t snag, tear, or wear. Plus, its kink-proof design means you won’t be wrestling out kinks. Just turn on the water and watch it go from pocket size to supersize. Then, turn off the water to shrink it back to pocket size. When you need to store Silver Bullet, it easily coils so you can put it on your self, in a drawer, or in a cabinet or shed. Silver Bullet doesn’t need a hose reel! Thanks to the machined-aluminum connectors, Silver Bullet contains NO LEAD. That means it’s a suitable drinking hose for people and pets! Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is available 25-, 50-, 75-, and 100- foot lengths. Each expandable hose includes a removable spray nozzle with 3 adjustable settings. The lightweight expanding hose that’s lead-free!
  • Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Pocket Water Hose – 100 Foot
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